Waterproof Grout

Are you looking for high-quality waterproof epoxy grout that's safer than other grout on the market? Look no further than the Tile Doctor, the exclusive distributors of Litokol Starlike Grout, the absolute best epoxy grout available. Starlike Grout is high performance waterproof grout that's designed to hold up under the most demanding conditions. Starlike Grout is not only waterproof grout, it has outstanding durability, which makes it the perfect waterproof grout for any tile project.

Waterpoof Grout Installations
Starlike waterproof grout is a high performance waterproof grout that brings together functionality along with aesthetic value. This makes Starlike waterproof grout from the Tile Doctor the most versatile grout on the market. In fact, the Tile Doctor is the only company that offers true high performance waterproof grout that is safe for the installer, consumers, and for the environment as well as having the decorative qualities and flexibility desired by professionals worldwide. At the Tile Doctor, we offer an array of 159 + unique colors and finishes that let you experiment and create other custom grout colors, including various shades of the same color.

High Performance Waterproof Grout
We pride ourselves on delivering high performance waterproof grout you can depend on for all of your tile projects. Whether you are looking for waterproof grout for a swimming pool, a tile project on an outside patio, or for interior projects in a bathroom or kitchen where there is a possibility your tiles will be exposed to moisture, choosing Starlike waterproof grout is the best way to ensure your grout will withstand not only the moisture, but other external elements as well.

When you are ready for your next great tile installation, reach out to the Tile Doctor to learn more about our high performance waterproof grout and other high quality grout products. We are the leaders in grout products desired by professionals worldwide.


Aquamaster is a ready to use liquid membrane based on synthetic resins in aqueous dispersion, without solvents, used to waterproof moist environments indoors and outdoors.


Two-component acid-resistant epoxy mortar for the installation and grouting of ceramic tiles with joints of 1 to 15 mm width.


Two-part epoxy-polyurethane reactive adhesive for ceramic tiles and natural stone. Two-part reactive adhesive.

Litoplan Smart

Cement-Based Thixotropic Levelling Layer Featuring Rapid Hardening.


System to efficiently level tiles without causing any twisting phenomena between tiles and without rubbing against the surface.


Cementitious mortar with osmotic action for waterproofing with direct or indirect load on walls and cement based structures indoors and out.

EpoxyÉlite Evo

Acid-resistant two-part epoxy mortar for the installation and grouting of ceramic tiles and mosaics.

Starlike Grout Decor

Epoxy decorative finish to be mixed to Starlike®. The additive Decor, when added to the Starlike® grout, creates a mortar that is easily applied as a wall finish for creating low-thickness decorative finishes on interior walls.

Starlike Classic Grout Collection

Starlike® tile products two part epoxy grouting system is a patented grout offering consistency in colors, is stain and crack resistant and water repellent.

Starlike Crystal Glass Tile Grout

The modern consumer uses tile in creative ways, necessitating specialty products like glass tile grout. The Tile Doctor offers a wide range of Starlike® grout products, from in a variety of colors and styles to complement your tile, no matter what your artistic vision.

Starlike Color Crystal Grout

Starlike® ColorCrystal® keeps the aesthetic characteristics of the surfaces over time: it is non-absorbent, easy to clean, suitable even in case of environments having high humidity, chemical contact, exposure to UV rays.

Crystal Glass Grout Jewels®

Crystal Glass Grout now available with unparalleled depth and Jewel colors that are the perfect adornment for fine glass tiles.

Starlike Glamour Grout Colors

The Tile Doctor understands that the modern homeowner wants options in their tiling projects, from the style and look of tiles down to important details like grout color.

Starlike Metallic Grout Collection

To help you create the perfect look for your tiling project, The Tile Doctor offers a wide range of Starlike® grouting products, the metallic collection brings grout to a entirely new level of design.

Starlike Finishes

The Galaxy, Spotlight, Gold and Night vision additives, when mixed as a third component with Starlike®, allow you to grout with unique and exclusive results.

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