Starlike Night Vision

This is a photoluminescent additive, which means that after exposure to natural light, during the night the grout assumes a bluish aspect for a few hours, without substantially modifying the original product color.

Metallic tiles, finishes, and grouts add a sophisticated look, and come in a range of textures and styles. Whether smooth and reflective or weathered looking, metallic tiles can offer a stylish alternative to the traditional look of tile. Found in shades of gold, bronze, silver, and pewter, metallic tiles and finishes create an opulent look that can be used in mosaics, on backsplashes, and even on walls and in bathrooms.

This component can be added to the following colours in the Starlike range: Silver-C.220, Travertino-C.290, Sabbia-C.250, Avorio-C.520, Tortora-C.-490, Azzurro Pastello-C.530, Turchese-C.400, Artic Blu-C.390, Zaffiro-C.260, Verde Salvia-C.540, Lime-C.440, Corallo-C.230, Lilla-C.380, Ciclamino-C.370.

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