Starlike Pool Tile Grout


Grout has many applications, and choosing pool tile grout involves some very particular considerations. Because you want your pool to be beautiful as well as functional, you'll want to choose swimming pool grout that enhances the look of your pool tile. On the other hand, grout for swimming pools must be extremely durable, able to stand up to harsh chemicals and constant exposure to water.

Starlike® grout products are an excellent choice for both pool tile installation and pool tile repair. While both cement grout and epoxy grout can be used as grout for pool tile, epoxy grout is the harder, more durable option.

Starlike® grout products is a two part UV rated epoxy mortar. With both anti-acid and anti-bacterial functions, it can be used for grout, adhesive and wall finish. Starlike® tile products grout is waterproof and extremely resistant to chemicals, with a high mechanical strength that doesn't crack during hardening. These qualities make it the perfect option for swimming pools, and its durability is unsurpassed.


In addition to all these utilitarian benefits, Starlike® grout products is also aesthetically versatile. Available in ninety-four finishes offered through various collections, our products allow for artistic expression, no matter where they're used. Whether you prefer the Classic, Metallic, Night Vision or Glamour collection, you'll be sure to find a shade and style that works with your chosen pool tiles and meets your needs. Some of these shades even allow for light play, having both reflective and refractive properties that play up the color of your tile, and enhance your overall design patterns.

This excellence in producing high-quality products with exceptional aesthetic and architectural appeal makes Starlike® grout products a good fit for The Tile Doctor®. Dedicated to finding innovative solutions for the fast-growing tile industry, The Tile Doctor® offers Starlike® grouting products as part of its product line, which also includes tile care and use chemicals, cement grout additives and more.

To discover more about Starlike® tile products pool tile grout products, call The Tile Doctor® office today at 1-877-TileDoc (845-3362) to speak with a tile and grout specialist.