The Perfect Grout For Your Sports Inspired Mancave

September 01, 2017
Installing Tile in your Sports Inspired Man-Cave and can't find the right finishing touch in your decor to fit your team's colors? With the addition of The Tile Doctor's Starlike® Glamour Tile Grout, the color possibilities are just about endless! You are covered whether you are a Clemson Tiger or a Michigan Wolverine, and we have a color for virtually every team or sport you are into.

If you are into NASCAR, Football, Baseball, Soccer or Golf it doesn't matter, because we even have colors to match this NY Football Giants themed room!

We were inspired to write this blog post after someone had called us about getting grout for their Seattle Seahawks inspired man-cave. This guy chose our Mela C.410 color to match with the neon lime green color of the Seahawks alternate jersey, which fits perfectly with his choice of gray tile. Take a look at the comparison of both below:

As seen here, the grout works perfectly with the theme. And remember, this isn't the only color available, we have 100's more color options, Highly chromatic Bold Colors, many can be fitted with metallic effects plus 6 Crystal Glass Grout® options! Let's compare a few more sports logos with our Bold Grout Options below. Notice the perfect color match….

Because our grout is resin based, you won't have to worry about the color fading or getting stains. It's the easiest to install, highest quality, grout product on the market, and it won't stain or fade. We can add that final touch to make the Sports Theme Man-Cave the only place they watch sports!