Make Your Grout Glow!

July 10, 2017
Tile can be one of the most important parts of a well-designed home.

And just as important as having nice tile is making sure that your grout stands out beyond all others. If you're looking to distinguish yourself from your neighbors, spice up your grout life with Starlike®'s NIGHTVISION additive!

Supplied in the States by The Tile Doctor®, this grout additive makes your grout glow, literally! Show off to your friends the grout of the future that radiates like the moon! This is a photo-luminescent additive, which means that after exposure to natural light, during the night the grout assumes a glowing aspect for a few hours, without substantially modifying the original product color. So if you plan on getting the full effect, use it in an area that will gather enough sunlight.

Whether you're using the additive for your pool or your floor, it will be sure to leave anyone who sees it with their jaws open in awe. Take a look at a wall application of this unique additive!

This component can be added to the following colors in the Starlike® range: Silver-C.220, Travertino-C.290, Sabbia-C.250, Avorio-C.520, Tortora-C.-490, Azzurro Pastello-C.530, Turchese-C.400, Artic Blu-C.390, Zaffiro-C.260, Verde Salvia-C.540, Lime-C.440, Corallo-C.230, Lilla-C.380, Ciclamino-C.370.