Grout Color Does Matter

September 14, 2016
Yes…. what you select for something as simple as your grout can make or break your projects appearance. Today you have what seems like an almost endless array of choices in Tile, Stone, Glass and even Mosaics made from Metal and Wood. Grout is no longer for just filing the joints between the tiles, it can be the final detail that makes the installation shine or lose its intended effect.

Grouts come in many differences from both a performance and design standpoint. One such product is STARLIKE Grout from Litokol Italy and Tile Doctor USA.

Glass grouts that can change colors, classic and glamor colors, even metallic grouts and some that glow in the dark. For pools, inside homes and high-profile architectural projects. The final step of any tile or stone project is satisfying the one last choice of "What Grout Do I Use?"

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