Glitter Grout

October 26, 2017
When reading a post on HGTV's website titled: "Hold On, Glitter grout Exists and We're Obsessed" I was thrilled!
Since we offer the amazing Litokol Starlike Grout that comes with Glitter options we have to agree. And so do the people who buy the product for their unique designer projects!

The HGTV article went on to say, "There's a new trend in home decorating and it's glitter grout" and more…
The Litokol Starlike Grout brought to you by Tile Doctor has 100's of options for glitter grout, or design options for grout that includes metallic grout, glass grout and….. the absolute most revolutionary thing to happen to grout in years is now available the Crystal Glass Grout Jewels®.

Jewels is the "Jewelry" for glass tiles 26 amazing colors named after Jewels, all of deep and beautiful colors comprised of glass grout that can be used virtually anywhere, pools, steam showers, backsplashes, outdoor or indoor areas, you name it. If you're seeking the ultimate final touch for any glass mosaic or tile project you must look at the Jewels Glass Grout.

Below are a few pictures of the Jewels, Click Here to see them all
Blue Crystal Glass  Grout Jewels ExampleLight Blue Crystal Glass Grout Jewels Example