Easy Diy Tile Shower Shelf

September 30, 2015
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I needed extra storage space in my shower and thought that the perfect way to do that was to add a corner shelf to my shower. I was looking for something that was easy to install and something that would work with my existing travertine tiled bathroom. I knew that the Retro Shelf was the way to go! I wanted to spruce it up with some fancy mosaic tile to make a nice accent piece. I also used the glamorous Colored Crystal(R) Glass Grout from The Tile Doctor's STAINMASTER Grout Collection. To match my shower and accent tile I used The TileDoctor's STAINMASTER? Colored Crystal® Glass Grout called Beige Havana.


12 inch x 12 inch sheet of Mosaic Tile Square
STAINMASTER® Glamour Grout or Colored Crystal® Glass Grout from The Tile Doctor
Clear Plastic Wrap
Painter's Tape
V- Notch Trowel or Grout Float
Icing Spatula
White scrub pad
Clear weatherproof silicone
Caulk gun
Retro Shelf Kit
Tile Nippers
Rubbing stone


Clean and dry your work surface and cover in plastic wrap. Secure plastic wrap to the table using painters tape. Place retro shelf in the middle.

Measure the tile out and cut to fit the top half of the retro shelf. To cut the diagonal edge, cut stair steps out of the tiles to cover the edge of the shelf. The nipper will be used later to cut those individual tiles to fit. Repeat this with the other half to cover the top of the shelf. Next, measure the tile to cover the front edge of the shelf.

Follow silicone caulk instructions to apply the caulk to the top of the shelf. Use the V-Notch Trowel to evenly distribute the caulk in a diagonal motion to fill retro shelf grooves. Adhere tiles to the top of the retro shelf.

Next, use the nipper to cut along the stair step tile edges to match the retro shelf edge. Don't worry about making this perfect since the grout will cover any chips. *Warning* Tiny shards of glass may fly off while cutting. Protect your eyes and clean up the area as necessary to prevent from cutting yourself.

File the cut edges with rubbing stone so they are flush with the retro shelf edge.
Next, apply the tiles to the front edge of the shelf using the same caulking method as the top.

Let the shelf sit for 2 hours to dry.
Prep your grout by mixing the epoxy and grout. Mix in a circular motion like you were mixing icing.

Using an Epoxy grout float, spread the grout into the mosaics using a diagonal motion. Then, remove the excess grout from the surface of the mosaics to make clean-up easier. Do this with the front edge of the shelf as well.

After about 30 minutes, using a white scrub pad and a small amount of water, clean the grout in a light circular motion. Once, excess grout is loosened, lightly wipe the tile with a damp paper towel to remove it. Then buff with a dry towel to remove any remaining moisture and haze. Remember, always work with a light touch as to not disturb the grout in the joint.

After 24hrs, the shelf is ready to install in the shower! It only takes 5 Minutes!

Make sure the shower is clean of any debris. Use the alcohol pad to clean the surface.

Next, use the mounting board to decide where you would like to place the shelf. Use the sticky pads to adhere the mounting board to the shower wall. Press firmly where it indicates on the board.

Put super glue on the rails and place it in the open notches on the mounting board. Apply pressure to the rails for 30 seconds to secure glue.

Apply the silicone sealant to the sides of the retro shelf. Then remove the mounting board from the wall.

Adhere the shelf to the mounting rails and…

VOILA! Your brand new shelf is ready to use! Shower on!

Once you've decided on which tile you're going to use, to purchase the Restroshelf ®, contact The Tile Doctor at 1-877-TileDoc (845-3362), mention the blog, and receive a special price of $25.00 + UPS freight.

The Tile Doctor's STAINMASTER® Crystal Glass Grout is durable and can be used in many different environments. It is ideal for pools, hot tubs, steam areas and other outdoor applications because it is non-shrink and has a high-compression strength. Durable enough to tolerate harsh chemicals, it's also a good choice for kitchens, bathrooms, floor and wall tiles, and anywhere that glass tile grout will be expected to stand up to heavy-duty cleaners. Its formulation allows for simple water clean-up, and it is much easier to use than traditional epoxy grout.

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*Product was provided by The Tile Doctor but all opinions are my own.
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