Designing a Backsplash with Glass Tile? Choose Starlike® for the Best Backsplash Grout

February 07, 2014
Functional and Aesthetically Pleasing Backsplash Glass Tile Grout?
Yes, it does exist.

For homeowners creating a backsplash, glass tile is a well-liked, striking option. Glass tile is available in a seemingly endless variety of colors and styles, allowing the expression of personal style to really shine. However, to bring out the best in glass tile and really play up your tile patterns, it is important to choose the right backsplash grout.
For a kitchen backsplash, glass tile is a good choice because it comes in many options that are not only beautiful, but also durable, chemical resistant and easy to clean. Glass tiles are also environmentally friendly when made from recycled bottles and other green materials. The range of colors, patterns and borders available makes it possible for a homeowner to create something artistic and eye-catching that is, simultaneously, practical and functional.

Unfortunately, the wrong backsplash grout can ruin the look of your glass tile backsplash, dulling the light bending properties that make it unique.

No Better Grout for Your Glass Tile
Starlike® Specialty Grout is different. Starlike® comes in an astonishing ninety-four shades, divided into several different collections:
  1. Classic Grout Collection
  2. Glamour Grout Collection
  3. Metallic Grout Collection
  4. Crystal Glass Grout
  5. Night Vision Grout
Starlike® blends beauty and practicality. It is waterproof and chemical resistant. For grouting glass tile, Starlike® Crystal Glass Grout® is the perfect choice.

Made by Litokol®, a company based in Rubiera, Italy, Crystal Glass Grout® contains tiny, hollow glass beads that reflect and refract light. This causes a chameleon-like effect, in which the grout to assumes the colors of the tile it surrounds, giving it a neutral or translucent look. A sturdy, waterproof epoxy grout, it is a low-toxicity, non-shrink product with a high compression strength. This ground-breaking product is tough enough to stand up to chemicals and water exposure, yet is aesthetically pleasing to even the most selective homeowner.

For more information about The Tile Doctor®, or to order Starlike grout for your glass tile and backsplash installation, contact us at 1-877-TileDoc (845-3362).