Bathroom Remodel Trends: A Houzz Study

May 13, 2015
Thinking about upgrading your bathroom? You're not alone! A recent survey of over 7,000 homeowners, from Houzz discusses the trends and motivations for redoing a bathroom.

The answers might surprise you.

One of the most surprising statistics is the amount of homeowners that are opting out of a tub completely.

The Calgon-take-me-away days seem to be long gone with high percentages of all age groups wanting to forgo a tub.

Many homeowners say that tubs are rarely used and simply take up space. In the past, a tub, especially in the master bath was considered a must have. But many homeowners now would rather have the space for a large shower and give up the tub in a bathroom remodel.

  • Nearly half are leaving a tub out of the master.
  • Nearly 60 percent are starting a bathroom from scratch vs. an upgrade.
  • Rain Showerheads preferred by younger counterparts while the 55+ age group prefers hand helds.
When it comes to amenities, many homeowners are leaning towards making the master retreat a spa-like escape. Over 40 percent are adding a shower seat. Ladies love this to help with shaving their legs. Nearly 30 percent are opting for heated flooring. This is a terrific feature to have with tile flooring. What's very interesting about the study on bathroom remodeling is that many of the homeowners are more focused on making their present life more comfortable vs. focusing on resale value. While it is certainly true that a bathroom upgrade or remodel will increase home value, many homeowners are making the bathroom into a retreat for themselves. To see the full Houzz survey, visit here. Was there anything left off this list you plan to do in your bathroom remodel?