All That Glitters…includes Grout

September 04, 2014
When installing tile, everyone gets so excited with picking the perfect style. And it's a big decision – there's the type of stone, color and size to be considered. So it is no wonder that when it comes time to choose the grout, many don't give this much thought. Grout has come a long way from what it once was. It used to be that the difficult part of a redesign would be choosing tile, but now we are faced with a myriad of choices for grout too.

We'd like to introduce you to Glamour Grout.This shimmering and sparkling grout works well with glass or glass and stone tile. Many of the shades have reflective and refractive properties, allowing for the play of light to draw attention to your tile patterns. This fashion grout is just as durable and dependable as other grouts. Glamour Grout:
  1. Provides a stable color throughout the it's life
  2. Is water resistant
  3. Is stain resistant
  4. Easy to use
Give some consideration to the type of grout you install in your next tiling project; choose a color and style that really enhances the look of your tile! Besides Glamour, The Tile Doctor® makes Starlike grout in Classic colors, Metallic and Sparkle effects, plus a Crystal Glass Grout®, allowing the widest choice of options of any grouting product available. There are over 100 color options, giving you limitless possibilities.